The Hungry Hounds
The Hungry Hounds
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About us

Welcome to The Hungry Hounds! We're Paul & Rebecca Shetler Fast, and the Hungry Hounds is our Haiti-based food blog.

Our creative homespun cooking brings together local ingredients, traditional techniques, and an eclectic international palate. While we share equally in cooking, writing, and photography, we each have a distinct style. In our first year of marriage, we learned that it is best to divide and conquer in the kitchen. Paul loves using food science and traditional know-how to make delicious foods like sauerkraut, home-cured corned beef, and whole grain sourdough breads accessible for the home cook. Rebecca is the creative force in the duo, bringing fresh ideas, spunky charm, and bold flavors.

As a couple that cooks, works, and blogs together, we are passionate about the ability of food to bring people together. We each bring different perspectives to the table. Paul grew up in Tanzania, and lived in Southern, Western, and Mid-Western United States. Rebecca grew up in Ontario, Canada and lived and traveled in Europe. We met in Ethiopia, were engaged in Thailand, and have continued to explore food and local cultures through travel both at home and abroad. We love experimenting with new approaches, ingredients, and cuisines...but our litmus test is always simple: does it taste delicious?

In 2015, we left our life in Pittsburgh and moved to Haiti for a 5-year volunteer term with Mennonite Central Committee, an international non-profit relief, development, and peace organization. We’ve been excited to transition the blog to our new context and broadening our palates to explore the diverse flavors of Caribbean cuisine.

We hope you enjoy our food! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us an email.